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"Lothian's leaves stay silvery forever. If you listen closely you can hear them call out to each other - singing the songs of mother earth."


The softest silk ribbon wrap bracelet with a decorated pure silver slide. 
The silver is shaped by hand and the impression taken from a real leaf I brought home from one of Sheffield's many green parks. The back is smooth and the silver plaque is slightly curved to follow your wrist.


Wearing leaves has a great ling tradition, whether celebrating spring or autumn, bounty or fertility.


The ribbon ties easily, just knot it and tuck in the ends. The ribbon goes around the wrist 5-6 times. 
The hand dyed silk can be hand washed with a bit of soap and even ironed for a smoother look. 

There are many colourful ribbons in in the shop to choose from:

Ribbon colours

Let me know in the note box and I will do my best to accomodate.


* Hand dyed crinkle silk ribbon - 95 cm long 
* Fine silver leaf measures approx 30 x 22 mm - 1.2 mm thick

Wrist Wrapped Bracelet with Silver Leaf


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