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Jewellery with Character and Story

I'm Nana Louise Nielsen and I opened this small jewellery business out of my need to create something tangible with my hands and because I love being my own boss.

I take inspiration from the wonderful woodland nature around me, and from old stories and legends. Norse mythology holds a special place in my Danish heart, as do anything concerning faeries and Elves.

I do try to create high quality jewellery - made with care - things that will last and gain even more character as they age. I love that my little pieces now go out in the world and are worn close to someone's skin and will be part of their history.

Relaxed photo of Nana Louise Nielsen
examples of sycamoon jewellery

I love stories. I was brought up on fairy tales, storyteller and old magical Disney films.
I continued to devour Tolkien, Neil Gaiman, Robin Hobb and loads of other brilliant story weavers. Stories have power, especially fairy tales and fantasy filled with mythical creatures, powerful symbols and heroic battles.
They can help you learn about your own life and give you courage against adversity. They can also give you relief from the sometimes harsh reality and inspire you with hope for the future, which is something that we all can use every now and then.

I desperately wanted to join in with my own voice to these fabulous bards and storytellers. So since I was a kid I have been sketching and writing stories inspired in fantasy and I my first career was as a game designer – creating interactive stories in imaginary worlds.

Then I discovered jewellery.

Studio shot from Sycamoon Jewellery

Jewellery has trends and shifts with fashion, yet there is a strain that has remained the same since Arthurian times. It has sparkly stones, intricate detail and swirling, spiralling metal wire. It looks better as it ages and gains more meaning as the wearer attaches memories and feelings to their favourite piece. They become heirlooms and ancient artefacts.
Since the dawn of time people have worn jewellery for protection and luck, to show their allegiance, and as a symbol of faith, not just for adornment.

It is this tradition I aim to continue. While my pieces are not heirlooms (yet), I'd like them to be unique and speak to their new owners in such a way – let them become a vessel for hopes, focus for a dream or a keeper of memories.

I create both intricate pieces – unique one of a kind – often inspired by a character I made up in my head; what would an Elven princess wear on a summer eve, or if a mermaid had a trinket box, what would it contain?
And I create simple pieces. These are made out of the love of the material. Metals like copper, silver and bronze have a beautiful shine and smooth surface. I take pleasure in simple hoops and a small twist of wire.

I have been making my jewellery with care and quality for several years now, and the delight and discovery hasn't stopped yet. I hope to keep making jewellery for decades yet and learn many new skills along the way.
It’s the journey that counts.

I make designs that could just as well have been made in the Heroic Age when myths and legends were born. Let the fantasy forest and ancient tales inspire you via a piece of jewelry that you can wear daily.

It will bring a smile to your face in a boring meeting or when rushing to pick up the shopping.

I hope you find something here that speaks to you and let it become an heirloom infused with power and special meaning for you.

A keeper of memories.

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