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A delicate sterling silver ring with twist detail and lovely dark purple amethyst dome is hand forged in your size.

Amethyst is February's birthstone and said to promote calm, balance and peace. In fact the name derives from the Greek "Ametusthos" meaning "without drunkenness" and is said to protect against poison.


Regardless - I adore the deep clear purple of the stone and it goes wonderfully with bright silver. The ring is made from two sterling silver wires that have been twisted together by hand. I have hammered the wire, flattening it to make the twist stand out more and to make it more comfortable to wear. Then the setting was added and the stone chosen.


The cabochon stone is 6 mm in diameter. If you don't know your US or UK size, it's a good idea to have it measured at a jeweller shop for accuracy.


* Sterling silver.

* about 2 mm wide band.

* Made to order in your size.

* 6 mm amethyst cabochon.


Silver Twist Ring with Amethyst Gemstone


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