"Not idly do the leaves of Lorien fall." 
Inspired by the beautiful Lothlorien and it's Silver barked mallorn trees. They shimmer with magic and is under the protection of Galadriel herself.


Wrap a beautiful woodland leaf around your wrist to show your love of nature. Made from pure recycled silver the leaf is slightly curved to follow your wrist. 
The back bears my makers mark and a hoop for the ribbon made of sterling silver. 
You wrap it to your wrist with a super-soft black hand dyed silk ribbon. Tie a small knot an tuck in the ends. Very comfortable and very stylish.


The ribbon pictured is "Rapunzel" in the colours of a delicate hydrangea.

There are many more colourful ribbons in in the shop if you’d like an extra:

Ribbons Version 1

Ribbons version 2

If you prefer a different ribbon to start, let me know in the note box and I will do my best to accomodate.


*Fine Silver slide (99.9% silver)
*Sterling silver hoops on the back
*Leaf measures 25 x 30 mm
*Hand dyed silk crinkle ribbon - 1 meter long

Silver Leaf Bracelet Soft Silk Ribbon Wrist Wrap