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From the pages straight out of a fairy tale, this handmade braided amethyst and sterling silver ring is an enchanting accessory for women of all ages.

It features a handmade hand-hammered sterling silver braided band with a round amethyst cabochon nestled within. It is reminiscent of a mystical era where faeries and elves danced in the moonlight together.


I have hand braided three wires together and then hammered them lightly to give a smooth comfortable band. The braid is rustic, irregular and obviously handmade. I think it's part of the ring's charm. It has an ancient Celtic look to it. Adorned with a lovely deep purple amethyst 6 mm round stone.

The band itself is 4-5 mm wide and will be made specifically for you, so please allow a few days for shipping.


* Sterling silver wire. Hand braided

* Width: 4-5mm

* Size: Made to fit you

* 6 mm deep purple amethyst round cabochon


Amethyst is the birthstone of February and of 4th and 6th wedding anniversary. The stone is said to promote sincerity, peace and courage. 

Silver Amethyst Ring Braid Ring With Purple Gem


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