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"The Sun played with the golden flecks in her eyes, sparkling with delight"


Classic open golden hoops with a string of sunstone beads. They sparkle in the ligth with specks of red as well as gold. The Earring is finished off with a little leaf. The leaves dance as you move. They are silver with a thick vermeil coating of gold.

Perfect for autumn.

They hang from handmade 14 ct gold-fill earring hooks shaped as open hoops.

14 carat gold-fill has a gorgeous deep yellow colour. 
Gold filled wire is a great quality alternative to solid gold. Gold filled wire has to be at least 5% gold so the layer is much thicker than normal gold plating and will last for years.

The listing is for one pair.


* Sunstone smooth rondelle beads 7mm diameter
* 14 carat gold filled wire hoops - 16 mm diameter
* Leaf in gold vermeil 10 by 4 mm - one on each hoop
* 20 gauge wire - 0.8mm


Comes in a  little box ready for giving.

Sunstone Earrings with Tiny Leaf - 14 ct Gold Fill


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