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Tiny sleeper hoop with a hammered overlap closure. The overlap means there's no catch.
Elegant and classic sleeper hoop. Perfect for everyday wear. 

This listing is for a single earring.
I list these singly as they are perfect for helix piercings. But feel free to upgrade to a pair or two.

Do check if it might be too tiny for your piercing - 7 mm inside diameter is quite small!

The hoop is a classic and elegant design one end hammered to a paddle that overlaps the rounded end you thread in the ear. The hoop has no fastening, just twist sideways to open and close. No hooks or scrolls to catch in clothing, yet they sit very securely.
Sleep in them, swim in them, wear them always :oD

* 1 Earring
* Sterling silver wire 0.8 mm (20 Gauge)
* 9 mm OUTSIDE diameter (about 7 mm inside)

Twist sideways to open. That way you keep the perfect circle intact. These very small hoops can be tricky to get in, but they are really secure once on.
We call them sleepers as they are perfectly comfortable to keep in overnight.

Silver Sleeper Hoop 9mm Overlap


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