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"The exploration parties frequently left rune stones as markers boasting of their deeds and leading the way for their descendants."


This ring is inspired by Vikings and tales of mischief. It is a 6 mm wide band - rustic, hand forged and oxidized to emphasise the runic scripture. I have then polished the high points to a shine. The ring band overlaps for a gorgeous rustic look and is 'held together' by a faux rivet embellished with 23.5k gold. The gold shines wonderfully and makes a great contrast to the oxidized silver.


The text itself is taken from the Kensington rune stone. A photo of the carving provided the base for a shallow relief mould. 
The stone has divided many experts - it was widely believed to be a hoax but they now mostly agree that the stone is a genuine artefact. I say what a lovely thing to forge (if it was) and they have done a great job. In the spirit of Loki.


The silver is actually purer than sterling - a percentage known as Britannia silver. It is 96% silver vs Sterling's 92.5%.


* Partly recycled sterling silver 
* 6 mm wide
* 23.5 k gold


This ring can be personalised with a message inside. Just be aware that it can't be returned if you choose an inscription.

Silver Rune Ring Band With Gold Rivet


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