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"Even some Vikings revered and respected Arthur and his legendary tale."


This bracelet is inspired by Vikings and tales of heroic kings. The slide is rustic, handshaped and oxidized to emphasise the runic scripture.
The fine silver is imprinted with runes - the text taken from the classic book "Morte d'Arthur" - It's the scene of Guinevere and Arthur's wedding feast.

It is recycled silver - extracted from photographic films and liquids, so this is a truly ethical choice.

The back bears my makers mark and two hoops for the ribbon made of sterling silver. 
You wrap it to your wrist with a super-soft hand dyed silk ribbon in colors of you choice. The ribbon shown in purple, blue and browns I call "Winter Sunset". This is the default ribbon.
Tie a small knot and tuck in the ends. Very comfortable and very stylish.


There are many more colourful ribbons in the shop:

Ribbons version

Let me know in the note box and I will do my best to accomodate.


The shield slide measures about 25x32 mm and the silk is a generous 95 cm long.

Silver Rune Bracelet Soft Silk Wrist Wrap Shield


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