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This custom handmade fine silver monogrammed charm necklace is a welcome reminder of mystical and fantasy genre entertainment. 

If you've ever wanted to live in a magical realm far removed from the reality of daily life, this custom handmade fine silver monogrammed charm necklace will make you feel as if you've stepped into another world from the moment you slip it on.  
You can almost imagine Bilbo wearing this necklace as he embarks on yet another risky adventure. 


It can be custom personalized with the initial of your choosing and makes an equally amazing gift for someone you love. The unique design is attractive and endearing to say the least. It will age beautifully and last a lifetime with proper care. 

The charm is obviously handmade and each cast will differ slightly but always have that rustic look. The examples in the pictures have been oxidised to give them the look of an old heirloom, but can be left as shiny silver if you prefer (the S in the pictures has been left like that).

You can also choose an inscription for the back - A secret affirmation to yourself or a special message to someone you hold dear. Have a look at the pictures to get an idea of what can be fitted in. If in doubt just ask. I will send you a preview of the inscription before I commit it to silver.

Rustic Silver Monogram Pendant


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