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Genuine leather necklace with sterling silver lobster clasp and end caps.

This is for anyone buying a pendant separately and then wants to choose a specific length and color leather cord to go with it. The end caps are fairly narrow to allow pendants to slip on easily.


The leather is 2 mm thick and comes in a variety of lengths. For help choosing length please see the last picture. The close ups can be misleading and make the leather look thicker than it is.

Take a look at the mannequin picture to get a better idea of the thickness. The colours I carry at the moment are:

Second Photo:

* Distressed Orange Red

* Distressed Bark

* Distressed Green

* Distressed Blue

* Distressed Brown

* Distressed Black


Third Photo:

* Natural

* Matt Green

* Metallic Gold

* Metallic Olive

* Plum



The length indicated is including the clasp and fittings. If you need a different length than the options in the drop down, just ask and we can work something out.


PLEASE NOTE: The fittings are very small and can be a little challenging to work until you get the hang of them. 
They are kept small on purpose to allow you to slip pendants on past the end cap. If this is not a problem and you would like a larger ring on the end for easier closure, please just add a note at check out to say so.


* Sterling silver end caps - Ca. 5 mm by 2.5 mm (2.5 diameter).

* Sterling silver lobster clasp - 6 mm diameter - with jump ring 8.5 mm long. 

Leather Necklace with Sterling Silver Clasp 2 mm

  • These necklaces are water resistant - not waterproof.

    It is best to take it off for showering and swimming especially in chlorinated water. Soaking in water will cause the leather to expand and contract and eventually loosen the connection with the silver ends.

    If you are looking for a leather necklace to keep on permanently I’d suggest leather with adjustable knots and no clasp

    As with all fashion jewellery, always apply hair spray, body spray, perfume, cologne, lotion, etc. before putting on your necklace as these products will cause the silver to tarnish.

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