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Choose your own inscription - which runes speak to you?


After much demand I have designed a ring on which you can choose your own inscription. The one in the photo spells Freya - the name of the Norse goddess for love, beauty and fertility and has the rune Feoh/Fehu on the inside. Feoh stands for Wealth.
I have chosen the Futhorc runes for this ring - the Anglo Saxon derivation of the Viking runes have more of the vowel sounds that we use today in English.


It is a 6-7 mm wide band - rustic, hand forged and oxidized to emphasize the runic scripture. I have then polished the high points to a shine. Each ring is made from a custom made texture plate imprinted with the runes.
It is recycled silver - extracted from photographic films and liquids, so this is a truly ethical choice.


The ring can hold about 12 characters plus the binding rune in the back. A larger size ring might be able to hold a few more. If in doubt to contact me with any questions. Add your choice in the note to seller on checkout.
The choice of runes is up to you - depending on your ring size I can fit about 12-14 runes in there. I try to spell names in a phonetic way - getting rid of silent letters and double consonants - like the Vikings did, so you might be able to fit in more than you think.
You can also choose your runes for their symbolic meaning.


For more information on the runes and to help you choose your inner power rune have a look at the last picture.
The suggested names and meanings on the chart in photo 5 is just one interpretation - there are several out there. You might like to research the runes yourself and decide what they mean for you.


* Recycled sterling silver 
* 6-7 mm wide
* 1 mm thick


Remember to let me know your ring size in either US or UK size 
If you don't know your US or UK size, I suggest getting it measured properly or ordering one of my ring sizers.
Custom rings can't be returned if they're the wrong size.

Personalized Viking Rune Ring Sterling Silver Band


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