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"Emryss held their hands together and blessed the union. Guinevere looked down on their three hands with both joy and trepidation. Premonition tingled the back of her neck."


The ring is imprinted with runes - the text taken from the classic book "Morte d'Arthur" - It's the scene of Guinevere and Arthur's wedding feast. Subtly adorned with an round rune plaque and it has taken various 'sword cuts' at the edges, making it look like an excavated artifact from the dragon age.


This version has a sumptuous layer of gold covering the inside of the band and the little plaque with a single rune. The gold peeps out as the hand moves, flashing it's secret now and then.

The silver is actually purer than sterling - a percentage known as Britannia silver. It is 96% silver vs Sterling's 92.5% It is recycled silver - extracted from photographic films and liquids, so this is a truly ethical choice.


Made to order in all ring sizes. If you don't know your US or UK size, just measure the inner diameter of a ring you already have and let me know (in the note to seller). Do also let me know if you want a specific rune on the little plaque.


* Britannia silver about 5 mm wide - 1 mm thick.

* Inside of band coated with 24 carat gold.

* Round plaque coated with 24 carat gold.


This ring is also available in silver without the gold.


*** A bit more about the Futhorc text ***

The actual translated text can be seen in one of the photos - Each ring gets a fragment of a line - how much depends on the rings size. While I like that the text has significance and gives a nod to an old favourite legend of mine, the rings aren't meant to be 'read' as such - I just love the look of the old runes. This is the Furthorc alphabet also known as Anglo-Saxon runes.

Silver Rune Ring with Gold Details


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