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"The skjald sang one last song for the heroes as the Valkyrie collected them for Valhalla."


This ring is inspired by Vikings and Norse mythology. It is a 6 mm wide band - rustic, hand shaped and oxidized to emphasise the runic scripture.

The ring is engraved with runes - a different look from my other rune rings where the letters are raised. On this ring they are scribed into the ring, making the shank smoother to the touch and silver bright. The surface is still slightly uneven which I think adds character to the ring and fits very well with the ancient letters.


The choice of runes is up to you - depending on your ring size I can fit about 12-14 runes in there. We can spell names in a phonetic way - getting rid of silent letters and double consonants - or letter for letter. Both methods are completely valid.


You can also choose your runes for their symbolic meaning - Have a look at the chart in the last photo to get an idea of what the runes stand for. Made to order in your size: If you don't know your US or UK size, I suggest getting it measured properly or ordering one of my ring sizers in the shop.

As these rings come with custom inscriptions they cannot be exchanged or returned - so be extra sure of your ring size. 


* Sterling silver

* About 6 mm wide

* 1 mm thick 

Silver Rune Ring Name Ring Custom Viking Ring


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