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Choose your own 5 runes on this ear wrap cuff in silver.
This little ear cuff can be used even if you don't have any piercings. It is adjustable and can be tweaked more open or closed to fit your ear.

The silver is 7 mm tall, with an internal diameter of about 8 mm and an outer diameter of 10 mm.
It is made from recycled sterling silver. The runes are a deep engraving with a black patina. The surface has a subtle hammered finish - marks of the maker ad it was forged into its round shape.

You can select 5 Viking runes for luck or a personal specific meaning. I could squeeze in 6 if need be.
Have a look at the last image to see the Elder Futhark alphabet and what the runes traditionally stand for. 
Or use this link:

Or you can spell a word or name - Let me know in the note to seller and I will send you a preview before I make the cuff.


* Recycled Sterling Silver Cuff
* 7 mm tall, 10 mm wide
* Internal hole about 8 mm
* Adjustable opening about 4 - 7 mm


Will arrive in a little gift box ready for giving.

Engraved Viking Runes Silver Ear Cuff


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