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"Last leaf of autumn crunched under their feet. The forest path meandered, never showing them what lay ahead. Just as well they didn't know. They would go through frightening things before the sun suddenly burst out again."


The softest silk ribbon wrap bracelet with a decorated pure silver slide. The silver is shaped by hand to resemble an oak leaf. The back is smooth - just adorned with my makers mark. The silver plaque is slightly curved to follow your wrist.


The oak is an ancient symbol of wisdom, wealth and endurance. Wearing an oak leaf was traditionally a sign of special status among the Celts (as well as ancient Greeks and Romans).


The ribbon ties easily, just knot it and tuck in the ends. The ribbon goes around the wrist 5-6 times. The hand dyed silk can be hand washed with a bit of soap and even ironed for a smoother look.

To choose a ribbon have a loko at the current selection and let me know in the note to seller which you would prefer:


Ribbon colours


* Hand dyed crinkle silk ribbon - 95 cm long

* Sterling silver leaf measures approx 40 x 24 mm - 1 mm thick 

Silver Oak Leaf Bracelet Falling Leaves


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