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The Bramham Moor Ring

Bramham Moor Ring

This ring was a special one off, made for a Viking enthusiast.

It's a take on the Bramham Moor Ring which was made of a gold alloy and weighed over 40 grams. This one clocks in at 22 grams of sterling silver.

Great fun to make and gives an insight into making these really chunky rings that the Vikings prized. Must have been worn at festivities as status symbols as I can't see anyone wearing rings like this and still being comfortable swinging an axe or a sword.

All Angles

The runes on this ring do not spell out any words and so historians believe it the runes are put together for their magical properties. 

Other similar rings found from the period do spell out words such as "I am a ring". I guess the smith ran out of ideas that day :D - or maybe calling items by their name in runes also has a kind of power.

Freshly fired silver clay

This is the look of freshly sintered silver out of the kiln.

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