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Welcome to Sycamoon Jewellery

Jewellery with a bit of Magic and a lot of Story

Tree of life silver pendant

Jewellery has trends and shifts with fashion, yet there is a strain that has remained the same since Arthurian times. It has sparkly stones, intricate detail and swirling, spiralling metal wire. It looks better as it ages and gains more meaning as the wearer attaches memories and feelings to their favourite piece. They become heirlooms and ancient artefacts.
I love using the sharp graphic Viking Runes and mix them with the organic growth and beauty of nature.

I make designs that could just as well have been made in the Heroic Age when myths and legends were born. Let the fantasy forest and ancient tales inspire you via a piece of jewellery that you can wear daily.
It will bring a smile to your face in a boring meeting or when rushing to pick up the shopping.  
I hope you find something here that speaks to you and let it become an heirloom infused with power and special meaning for you. A keeper of memories.

Sheffield, UK
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