Cone shaped silver earrings with luscious green chalcedony gemstones.

The colour is a wonderful reminder of spring and new growth.

The apple green translucent briolettes are wrapped in fine silver impressed with an ancient Elven script. 


The text on the silver is a snatch from an old Elvish love song in Tengwar script. I have oxidised it and polished the sterling silver to bring out the detail of the beautiful calligraphy. The earrings are about an inch long not counting the hook (25 mm) and the stones are 10 mm wide. They hang from sterling silver hooks. Lovely gift for any girl who likes fantasy and mythical beings.


* Fine silver bead cap

* Ssterling silver hooks

* 25 mm long - 35 mm counting the hook

* Faceted chalcedony Briolette beads with a diameter of 10 mm

Silver Chalcedony Earrings - Elven Silver Cones

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