This listing is for 1 silk ribbon in your chosen color to have extra ribbons to choose from to go with your favourite slide bracelet.

Ribbons are sewn to approx. 1/2” wide (12 mm) and 42" long (105 cm). The ribbons are sewn to a point on each end in woolly nylon edging.

I do not make these ribbons myself but buy them in. Do note that I do not keep a lot of each ribbon color.


* Length: 42 Inch - (106 cm).

* Width: 1/2 Inch - (12 mm)


DO also have a look at my other collection of ribbons which is just slightly wider and shorter than these (They're from a different supplier). See the other set for lots more colours to choose from. 


The hand dyed silk are very easy to care for; hand wash in cold water with a mild soap and lay flat to dry. You will find the crinkle silks likes to draw up and curl, you can straighten and reshape to a flat smooth ribbon by lightly pressing with a steam iron. Use the nylon setting on your steam iron, no hotter or you could melt or scorch your woolly edging. All silk has been put through a lengthy steaming process to assist in retaining their beautiful colors. However in every effort to maintain the beauty and vibrant colors found in our silk, it is impossible to truly colorfast silk. This does not mean that your ribbons will run or transfer color to other fibre, this simply means that there is always a possibility for that, or for the colors to fade over time.

Silk Ribbon Wrap Bracelet Extra Colours