"How did this stone of the forest come to be in a dragon hoard"


One of a kind necklace

This is a beautiful oval prehnite set in this handmade setting. I have added a few decorative leaves to complement the organic look of the stone. The silver has been recycled from one of my tree of life bracelet - the ghost of which can still be seen on the back. The silver was milled and transformed to make the setting.


The natural stone is untreated with some flaws and inclusions. I want to point out one particular on the right edge; it seems to be an internal fracture making a little "milky" spot. There is no crack on the surface.

I think this must have happened when Smaug grazed the stone with a claw as he shifted in his sleep :oD


* The stone is 18 by 14 mm

* The pendant measures 30 by 20 mm

* Comes with a sterling silver snake chain 1mm thick, 18" long (45 cm)

* Just one unique pendant available

Prehnite Stone in Silver Setting

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