Ancient symbol in several of mythologies. This is a fabulously heavy silver pendant - Perfect gift for any guy or gal into Norse mythology.


In Norse Mythology the wyrm is the offspring of the mischievous Loki and spans the earth.
A snake biting its own tail is a symbol of eternity , of the cycle of life and of renewal. I modelled this one in wax, then cast it in sand using solid sterling silver. 
It weighs a hefty 13 grams and has been hallmarked at Sheffield Assay Office with the British standard marks for sterling.


The pendant looks great on a leather necklace. To customize your own see my section of chains and cords.
The hoop will accommodate all the thicknesses of leather you can get in the shop.


Limited edition. Unique gift for anyone who likes mythology and ancient symbols.


* 13 grams of sterling silver 
* British Hallmarks


Midgaardsormen, Midgard serpent, Ouroboros

Midgard Snake Pendant in Sterling Silver

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