"Round and round the druid traced the symbol. The couple before him stood transfixed by the mesmerising movement. 'Eternal, expanding, renewing', the old man intoned." 


The spiral is symbol used by every ancient people, but in particular the Celtic. It stands for change, journey, expansion and renewal among other things.


I drew the spiral to make a mould for this gorgeous statement copper slide. I shaped it then oxidised it to give it that ancient artefact feel. It looks timeless to me. The back is smooth save for a ghostly ripple of the spiral on the other side. My little leaf logo can be found on the back. The silver plaque is slightly curved to follow your wrist.


The softest silk wrap completes the bracelet. 
The ribbon ties easily, just knot it and tuck in the ends. The ribbon goes around the wrist 5-6 times. 
The hand dyed silk can be hand washed with a bit of soap and even ironed for a smoother look. 
The wrap here is the 'Centaur' ribbon. 


* Hand dyed crinkle silk ribbon - 95 cm long 
* Solid copper slide approx 35 x 28 mm - 1.2 mm thick


There are many more colourful ribbons in in the shop if you’d like an extra:

Ribbons Version 1

Ribbons version 2

If you prefer a different ribbon to start, let me know in the note box and I will do my best to accomodate.

Copper Spiral Bracelet Silk Wrist Wrap