Wonderful warm copper with a pattern of a meandering clematis in bloom. Attached to a silk ribbon wrap bracelet. Custom handmade from recycled copper and hand-dyed silk, this bracelet is very bohemian and different to classic jewelry.

I cannot wear bangles - they are too lively and loud for me. This soft cuff bracelet is completely different. Very comfortable and does not slide around. It even warms your wrist on a chilly autumn morning. I have shaped and stamped the slide by hand from recycled copper in metal clay form, then fired and polished to a high shine.


* Copper focal measures about 27 mm by 35 mm ( 1 by 1 3/8 inches).

* Hand dyed, hand sewn silk is about 100 cm long.


The soft silk ribbon wraps around your wrist about 5 times. To wear - Just wrap around your wrist, knot and tuck in the ends. The ribbon in the photos I call "Winter Meadow". 

There are many more colourful ribbons in in the shop if you’d like an extra:

Ribbons Version 1

Ribbons version 2

If you prefer a different ribbon to start, let me know in the note box and I will do my best to accomodate.

Copper Flower Bracelet Silk Ribbon Wrap