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"The gems matches her ice blue eyes, but instead of feeling cold they exuded peace and stillness."

Classic stone studs with a little extra detail in the silver frame.

Flower style silver settings hold wonderfully light blue chalcedony cabochons in place. - each cut individually and soldered to the earring post before gently folding the petals over the stone to keep it firmly in it's setting. The open bezel design allows a lot of light through the stone so that you can really see the colour.


Chalcedony is from the quartz family and is said to bring mind, body, emotions and spirit into harmony.


* Sterling silver posts and butterfly scrolls 
* Round dome aqua chalcedony cabochons 6 mm in diameter 
* Fine silver bezel in own design. 
* Flower style cut setting

Chalcedony Earrings in Silver Flower Setting