What's My Ring Size?

What's My Ring Size?

I make a lot of rings. A lot.

And quite often I get a request to resize a ring that a customer has bought. There are loads of reasons for this, because ring sizing is tricky.

Its very hard to estimate  a ring size; half a mm out and the ring is wobbly on your finger, and it is so disappointing to unpack a ring and find that the size is not right, so here's a few tips to get it right first time around.

By far the best method is to go to a jeweller and have your finger sized. They always have a set of sizer rings that you can try and really get a feel for how it sits on your finger.

  • Allow enough room to accommodate your knuckle.
  • Bear in mind, different fingers on the same and the opposite hand may have different sizes. Therefore, measure the specific finger on which you are planning to wear the ring.
  • Measure your finger at the end of the day when your finger is likely to be largest.
  • Measure with a ring the same width as the one you are planning to buy as a wider ring will need to be bigger to be comfortable
  • A good rule is "Slide on, wiggle off". It should be easy to get the ring on, but if it slides straight off again it is too large. If it stays on until you wiggle it off you're less likely to lose it accidentally.


If you can't get to a jeweller, second best would be to buy a ring sizer. 

multisizer tool

In the shop HERE.

These little plastic strips are very cheap, useful and reusable, so don't throw it away. Keep it in your jewellery box for next time. They're best for rings about 5 mm in width, but that's a very good middle size to start from.


If you can't wait for a ring sizer, third option is... STRING.

Sizing using string

  • Use a piece of string – nothing stretchy or thick. Dental floss is ideal
  • Wrap it around the base of your finger. 
  • If you have large knuckles, wrap the string around the widest part of the knuckle – the ring is no good if it can’t get past.
  • Mark the place where the string overlaps with a pen.
  • Measure your string with a mm ruler – half millimetres count.


ring present

Sneaky tricks for a ring surprise:

  • Borrow a ring that already fits. It’s best if this ring is the same width as the one your aiming to buy
  • Measure the inside diameter – 3 times at different cross sections – use the biggest measurement
  • Get that ring to a jeweller and ask them to measure the size on a ring mandrel.
  • Find a place on your own hand that this ring fits – even if it is above the knuckle on your pinkie. Go to a jewellery and check that size using your hand as reference.
  • Recruit a friend to go shopping with the target and happen to try on rings in a store. Note that size.
  • Dental floss them while sleeping. 

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