Gallery - Sycamoon Jewellery


A collection of work now gone out in the world. I like to try new things, but it can be hard to find the time. 

Inspired by a Dwarven love story. The stones are labradorite.

Cavorting copper fish bracelet. Pisces is my star sign.

Earth in moon embrace. Silver & dichroic glass

Citrines and cast poppy seed pods on a braided bar

Inspired by Alice's Drink Me bottle. Mushroom motif and an opal stopper

Little conifer cones cast in silver. The real cones were used instead of wax.

Custom order. Bloodstones / hematites all around the band.

Imagined Yorvik find. The streaks are added 24ct gold

Ring of power. Inspired by Nenya of the white stone

Ring of power. Inspired by Narya of the red stone

One of a kind rings with CZs and a marquise sapphire

Carved band ring with blue spinel. Love carving.

Spinning Silver disc pendant with Viking motifs

Star anise cast as a silver pendant. This was cast using sand

Silver oak leaf pendant with garnets. Oak leaves are powerful as symbols

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